Our Club Website

This website was first discussed about 3 weeks ago. Since that time through many conversations, emails, and late nights, I feel that it is finally coming together in a manner that we could only hope for in the beginning. It has exceeded my original personal expectations.

Kenny and I first discussed a website to help promote our club a few weeks back and we both finally agreed on something, that we could benefit from a club website in many ways. First we wanted to let people know that the Bama Bird Dog Club is around and that the general public is welcome to come out and spend a Saturday with the family at our trials. Next we wanted a way to recognize members and their dogs that have achieved great accomplishments through any trial organization, or wild bird hunting adventures. We also wanted a platform that those members could promote, advertise, and sell dogs or puppies as the need arose. We wanted a way to report our trial results to the bird hunting world that is surfing the web everyday so that they could get the recognition that they deserve for what seems to be getting to be a tougher and tougher achievement. A phone call later and Terry was completely on board and agreed with our thoughts and as we discussed it with other members they joined us in these thoughts and have been completely supportive of our efforts.

Our intent has been all along to build a site that fills these needs and desires and one that is centered around the members of our club. We feel that we have done this to some degree although there may need to be additions later, but we are satisfied with our results and hope that you are too, whether your a member or a visitor. Thanks to Kenny for his help in getting all this information on here and sharing his thoughts on what we needed. Thanks to the club as a whole for their support and input. A very big thanks to Jeff Davis and Gundog Central for his help and those many phone calls to teach these country boys how to build a site. We hope you find our site informative and functional for your needs, if not, drop us an email and let us know what you'd like to see, we'll get it on here, after all it is the club's site. Until then stay on point!


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