The Chase Rules

Win the chase and win a new shotgun!!!

To name the top UFTA trial dog at our club, this fall we will be holding a points race through this year's trial season. We have come up with a scoring method that we feel will be fair for all competitor's in an effort to keep the points on an even keel for all that are involved.

To enter the chase there will be a one time fee of $40 per dog. This money will be used for awards and prizes only, the competitors will get this money back in form of any of the following, awards, prizes, and/or cash.

Chase points will be awarded at any UFTA sanctioned trial held at Bama Bird Dog Club between Oct. 1, 2009 & March 31, 2010. The points will be awarded as follows:
Points values for 1st - 5th will receive 1 point for every dog that you beat, plus 1 point for your self, and the following bonus points:

1st = 6 points
2nd = 5 points
3rd = 4 points
4th = 3 points
5th = 2 points

6th place on down will receive 1 point for each dog that you beat.

Example for a 10 dog trial:
1st = 16 points
2nd = 14 points
3rd = 12 points
4th = 10 points
5th = 8 points
6th = 5 points
7th = 4 points
8th = 3 points
9th = 2 points
10th = 1 point

We will take the total number of trials we run throughout this season and you will be able to drop your 2 worst events as long as you compete in all events. Example: If we hold 8 events at our club, then you will only be able to score on your 6 best events.

Entry Deadline will be the end of the 2nd trial we hold this fall. You may phone in entries to Jason Cole @ 205-577-2108.

No points will be awarded until entry fee is paid.

Prizes value will be determined by total number of entries.

All points will start from scratch starting October 1, 2009.

For more info or questions contact Jason.

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