The UFTA Format


There are many trial organizations and formats that dog handlers can choose from to compete in with their loyal companion. Many of those organizations have subjective judging based solely on the judges opinion. The UFTA rules have been set to eliminate any bias on the judges part and remove as much subjectivity as possible so that we can provide a fair competition for a handler to compete with his dog.

Our rules and objectives are really quite simple. With a twenty minute time limit you hunt a 7 - 12 acre field to point and bag 3 birds. You are allowed 6 shells to bag the 3 birds and your dog must retrieve to within one step of you for full credit. Each shell you use results in a deduction of points, as will a partial retrieve. Once you bag your 3rd bird and leash your dog, the time stops and you are awarded 2 points for each minute you have left.

To put it simply, the team that find 3 birds the fastest and has the most shells left wins!

Come out and visit one of our trials or contact us for more information. To check if their is a trial in your area visit UFTA's website for a complete listing of trials.

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